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Time to capture the moments


Family Studio Girl Cheeky.jpg

There is nothing more special than family, but if you spend most of your time behind the camera (like me) then it is time to put yourself first and capture these precious moments before they pass you by.


Each family that I photograph has a different dynamic, so I will take the time to find out more about what you are looking for and use this as an opportunity to understand the photos you are really looking for.

"My aim is to capture

the connection".


The one thing I have learned over the years is... patience is key. Not all children welcome me with open arms, and that's ok! A bit of time with my inner child and it doesn't take too long to get the images that every family hopes for. Just remember that the best photos are the ones where everyone is having fun! 


Studio Family Younger Girl.jpg

My home studio space is like a home away from home. No longer do you need to visit a specialist studio (that can be quite daunting for young children) to capture the family images you want. Park on my drive and in you come (with a booking of course!).


We can play a few games to tease out those smiles, and of course the tickle stick always makes an appearance to really get those smiles beaming.

But don't forget that this is not just for kids. Just got engaged? come along for an engagement shoot. Or bring the grandparents to captures the smiles across the generations. All are welcome! 

On Location

Outdoor Family Natural.jpg

Getting out and about to shoot in "Golden hour" is one of my favourite parts of photography. Outside when nature is waking up and not many folks are up and about yet! It's the lovely time to capture your family with lovely soft light and no harsh shadows.

Maybe a local park filled with trees, streams and plenty of foliage! but of course during the winter we can get those hats, coats and wellies on and have some fun.


Whilst I will guide you along the way, during this type of shoot I am looking for those precious moments where sometimes not everyone is looking, but you can almost "feel the love" 

Family Occasions

Family Occasion Champagne (2).jpg

All the family have gathered together to celebrate! Some have travelled from a far, some you rarely see and some are always there to lend a hand! It seems only fitting to capture these occasions with more than just a handful of selfies (not that I'm not partial to a selfie myself!)


Can you take our picture please? (as you rush to pose and get everyone to look) Does this sound familiar? 


My Family occasion packages start from 4 hours and includes all the digital images which can be shared with family and friends. With your permission I can also provide you a link to a gallery on my website for all the family to view.

Children's Parties

Childrens Party Birthday Boy.jpg

You have spent the time to organise the invites, the venue, the food, the cake, the entertainment, the party bags and when it comes to the day, you are frantically snapping photos instead of enjoying the party! 


Wouldn't it be nice to blow out the candles with them and see their little happy, beaming faces with all their friends? When it comes to parties I have a very natural style of photography, so I will be walking around snapping on your behalf.


My party package is 2 hours and includes all the digital images from the event. So no need to choose your favourites!

In Your Home

In Home Siblings.jpg

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, just playing board games or watching a movie we experience the best moments. No fancy outfits to plan, or trying to get the kids to smile; just simple photography with you and your loved ones.

I can stay for as little or a long as you like while you go about your day. Cooking up some lunch, cuddling up on the sofa, playing football in the garden and generally enjoying life.

On Location
Family Occasions
Childrens Parties
In Your Home
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